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What do the options at the bottom of a quarantined email mean? How do I use them?

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In order to see these options you first need to set up MailScanner to storeĀ a copy of all emails in quarantine. See this article:

SA Learn Options:
The SA Learn options are there to allow you to help train the Bayes database used by SpamAssassin (which is then used by MailScanner). The Bayes database is used to increase or decrease the spam score of an email based on information on spam and non-spam emails that have previously been received, scored and logged. The Bayes system will auto-learn by default, on any emails that receive an SA score above a certain level or below a certain level. In other words, it will not auto-learn from low-scoring spam, only higher-scoring spam and negative-scoring ham or non-spam emails. If there are emails that were not identified as spam because they didn't get a high enough score, but they clearly are spam (or vice versa), you can manually "teach" the Bayes database about it using the SA-Learn options.

Learn As Ham - If the email was marked as spam but is NOT spam, and you would like emails like this to be more likely to NOT be identified as spam in the future, choose this. Please note marking it as Ham will not guarantee that future similar emails will not still be identified as spam.

Learn As Spam - If the email was NOT marked as spam, but IS actually spam, and you would like emails similar to this to be more likely to be marked as spam in the future, choose this.

Learn As Spam + Report - If the email was NOT marked as spam but IS spam, and you want to report it to the DCC and/or Razor checksum services which use information reported to them from all over the internet, choose this. You do not need to do this if you just want to train your own bayes database.

Forget - If you previously used one of the above two SA Learn options on this message but it was a mistake and you want to reverse it, choose this.

Release Options:
These options can be used when you want to deliver to the original recipient a message that was quarantined because of a file attachment, or possibly if an email was marked as spam and MS is configured to delete spam, so the message was not delivered to the recipient originally. It is normally only used when the message was not delivered at first for some reason, and you want it to be delivered to the recipient, or to an Alternate Recipient (which you can add in that field). This action can be performed on the whole message including attachments, just the message alone, or individual attachments.

Release (resend)
- The release (resend) option will modify the email headers to re-send the email to the To: recipient that you enter in the text box. It will be pre-filled with the original recipient. You can use this if you don't want to forward the email as an attachment.

Release (forward) - Use this option to forward the original email as an attachment, leaving the original email headers intact.

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