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Some of my users are reporting that legitimate outgoing mail is being marked as spam

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Because of a change in cPanel's implementation of exim due to a security issue, it is no longer possible to completely bypass MailScanner for outgoing mail.

However, by default MailScanner will not scan outgoing mail for spam. In general there are only two reasons MailScanner would be marking outgoing mail as spam:

1. The setting for WHM > ConfigServer MailScanner FE > MailScanner Front-End > Advanced Settings > Spam Scanning is set to "FromOrTo:" instead of the default "To:". The solution is to set this back to "To:".

2. The mail is considered to be incoming mail because there are multiple recipients and one or more of the recipients is hosted on the server that is running MailScanner.

If the reason is number 2, there are a few potential solutions:

a) The sender can remove any accounts on the server from the recipient list for the email.

b) Fix the problems with the actual email that are causing the mail to be marked as spam. Look at the spam report to find out what spamassassin tests the email is triggering. Then you can either change the scores for the tests that are triggering on these emails, as described in our FAQ here (which may reduce spamassassin's overall effectiveness), or get the sender to construct the mail differently or send it in a different way that doesn't trigger these tests. You should be able to find out more about each of the spamassassin tests by searching google. (There is also information about most of the tests here.) You could also try training the bayes database to teach it that this isn't spam (see this FAQ), but that probably won't be enough.

c) Whitelist the sending email address. This will open the server to spoofed email spam, but it may be the best option and your users will just have to live with the extra spam they will receive due to this. If it is a mailing list with multiple recipients, you should be sure to check the setting for "Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed" in the MailScanner Configuration and make sure that this is higher than the number of recipients on the mailing list, or get the sender to reduce the number of recipients for each copy of the mail.

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