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I want to send a blind copy of every mail sent to or from a particular account to another account. I want to archive all mail sent to a certain domain. How do I do this?

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You can do this with the "Archive Mail" feature in MailScanner.

1. Create a rules file in /usr/mailscanner/etc/rules. Call it, for example, archive.rules

2. In that file, add a line like the following examples for each domain/address that you want to copy all mails for:

# If you want to copy all mail going into a 
# particular domain to a specific mailbox 
To: *
# If you want to copy all mail to or from a certain 
# account to another mailbox
Adjust as needed to accomplish what you want. There is no need to include a default line.

3. In WHM - ConfigServer MailScanner FE - MailScanner Configuration, search for "Archive Mail =". Enter the following value:

(or whatever you called your rules file)

Click Change to save the changes and restart MailScanner.

Note: You should ensure that you are familiar with and comply with your country's privacy laws before setting up mail archiving.

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