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I have moved to a new server and wish to copy my MailScanner installation from the old server to the new one including all the settings. How do I do this?

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1. First install the MailScanner package on the new server, either by having us do it, or following the instructions in this FAQ.

If the IP address of your server has changed or you are moving to a new server with a new IP address, you can change the licensed IP address here:

2. Copy the following directories and contents from your old server to the new server:


3. Do a "Force MailScanner Update" and then "Force MSFE Update" on the new server in the ConfigServer MailScanner FE in WHM.

4. in WHM > ConfigServer MailScanner FE, click the "MailScanner Rules Update" button to populate the MailScanner rules settings with the domains on the new server.

5. Check that MailScanner is running correctly without errors by tailing the maillog either within the WHM MailScanner Front-end or by the ssh command:

tail -f /var/log/maillog

The MailScanner settings for users are transferred with their accounts if you are migrating accounts from one server to another. If you are only concerned about transferring the users' MailScanner settings and not any server-wide settings, then you simply need to do a fresh installation of MailScanner on the new server, then transfer your users' accounts via the cPanel account migration functions. You should also click the "MailScanner Rules Update" button in the WHM MailScanner Front-End after transferring the user accounts (although if you don't do this the domains will still be updated via the nightly cron job).

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