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I am experiencing performance problems/high load with lfd

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If you're seeing performance with lfd, the following may help you track down where the problem lies. Do be sure that there is actually a performance issue with lfd and that you're not relying on the information in WHM on performance as it is dubious at best and worthless at worst. The only realistic way to determine if performance is being affected is to run the top shell utility and see if lfd is consuming resources and affecting load average. Remember while in top to view the command line of processes (by pressing c) as this will show the full process name of lfd which will show what it is currently processing. You should then try the following:

1. Make sure you're running the latest version of csf

2. Make sure syslog is not logging duplicate lines by checking /etc/syslog.conf

3. Look at /var/log/lfd.log and see if it is having to throttle any of the checks. For example (and typically), if it is having to continually throttle LF_DIRWATCH then you either need to clear out your /tmp more often or disable that feature on csf.conf

4. If you're still unable to track performance issues, try disabling the following in /etc/csf/csf/csf.conf in turn or all together:

CT_LIMIT = "0"
PT_LIMIT = "0"
Remember to restart csf and lfd after making any changes to csf.conf:

csf -ra

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