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Why is lfd reporting Process Tracking processes through that are (deleted)?

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lfd will report processes, even if they're listed in csf.pignore, if they're tagged as (deleted) by Linux. This information is provided in Linux under /proc/PID/exe A (deleted) process is one that is running a binary that has the inode for the file removed from the file system directory. This usually happens when the binary has been replaced due to an upgrade for it by the OS vendor or another third party (e.g. cPanel). You need to investigate whether this is indeed the case to be sure that the original binary has not been replaced by a rootkit.

To stop lfd reporting such process you need to restart the daemon to which it belongs and therefore run the process using the replacement binary (presuming one exists). This will normally mean running the associated script in /etc/init.d/ or systemd

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