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How do I configure MailScanner to automatically delete spam?

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By default MailScanner is configured to deliver spam with a modified subject line. It is up to you to decide what you want done with spam once MailScanner has identified it as spam - {Spam?} for low scoring spam and {Definitely Spam?} for high scoring spam. You can do this server-wide in the WHM Front-end and each user can configure it in their cPanel MailScanner front-end.

1. Server-wide: In WHM go to ConfigServer MailScanner FE > Front-end Settings and change the "Default action for low scoring spam" and "Default action for high scoring spam" (the possible options are given for each setting), and click Change. To apply the settings immediately you can then go back to the main ConfigServer MailScanner FE page and click "MailScanner Rules Update".

2. Each user can configure MailScanner to deliver, forward or delete low and high scoring spam either on a per-domain basis or for all the domains in their account in the cPanel MailScanner front-end.

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