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How can I remove / uninstall the MailScanner Service package from my server?

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Here is how to uninstall Mailscanner completely and reverse the changes we made:

1. To remove MailScanner and the MailScanner Front-End, run these commands in shell as root:

cd /root
wget <a href=""></a>
tar -xzf msinstall.tar.gz
cd msinstall/
2. Remove the MailScanner-specific SpamAssassin configuration files (in shell as root):

cd /etc/mail/spamassassin/
rm -fv
3. To remove the MailScanner Configuration icon from cPanel, go to WHM > Packages > Feature Manager. Edit the "disabled" Feature List and check the box for MailScanner Configuration.

4. Remove the root cron job that runs (in shell as root):

crontab -e
5. Reset Exim Configuration, in WHM > Exim Configuration Editor > Reset All Configs to Defaults. This is not required.

6. If you want to re-enable SpamAssassin through cPanel:

WHM > Tweak Settings > SpamAssassin > tick
WHM > Service Manager > spamd > tick both boxes
WHM > Feature Manager > Edit a Feature List > disabled > Edit > Apache SpamAssassin and Apache SpamAssassin Spam Box > untick (if ticked)
WHM > Feature Manager > Edit Feature List - edit any feature lists that you want to allow access to the SpamAssassin configuration in cPanel

Note: To temporarily disable MailScanner, see this FAQ entry: How do I temporarily disable MailScanner?

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