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My users liked the SpamAssassin spam box feature. Can this be duplicated within MailScanner?

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No, MailScanner and the MailScanner front-end does not include a feature exactly like the cPanel spamassassin spam box.

However, you can achieve a similar or better scenario using one of the following methods:

1. Enable MailControl for your users and allow them to view and release emails trapped as spam. Go to WHM > Plugins ┬╗ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End > Front-End Settings > End User Settings. Set "Enable additional cPanel end-user features (including MailControl)" to "enabled". Set "Allow access to MailControl" to "yes" if you want all users to have access. Set "Allow Release (direct)" to "yes". This will allow cPanel users to view emails that have been marked as spam and release them to their mailbox if they were incorrectly identified as spam.

You will also need to configure MailScanner to store a copy of all emails in quarantine:

If you don't want spam to go to users' inboxes you should configure MailScanner to automatically delete high scoring spam:

2. Manually set up mailboxes for each domain in cPanel and configure MailScanner to forward mail to this mailbox. We don't recommend setting MailScanner up like this by default for all your users, because if users do not check this mailbox regularly and delete the spam from it, spam will start getting bounced. This will bounce back spam to innocent parties, clutter the exim queue, risk your server getting reported for spamming, and increase the overall load on your server.

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